What makes us unique

A values-driven education

We actively encourage independent learning, empowering students to take on responsibility. We feel that it helps our students to become confident, tolerant, resilient people of integrity, capable of both leadership and compassion. Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives also show students how to play their role as responsible, valued members of the local community.

A culture of thinking

In accordance with our core values, IE establishes a “culture of thinking”. This means creating communities of reflective, independent learners and the promotion of critical and creative thinking.

Preparation for life

Infinity has always approached its educational offering from a unique perspective “preparing for life”. This philosophy focuses not only on academic excellence but also on helping students to develop their character, creativity, values, personal leadership and the spirit of enterprise, necessary for them to achieve their potential as global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.


Who we are
The pride of great Success, We are devoting to our all Students.

Infinity Education, since it’s starting in April, 2010, has progressed by way of its Quality Education and Training students from grades 5 to 12 Science/Commerce with advance skills. Dedication, Sincerity, Honesty, Hard Work & sincere efforts in educating the students by our experienced faculties resulted in the form of commendable success for producing glorious results. Our teaching approach as a whole subjective & understanding based and not objective oriented which unfortunately is the current trend in the race for entrance examinations.

At IE, we give utmost care to understand each student’s uniqueness and cultivate the educational success and personal development of students to achieve their greatest potentials, self-esteem and human dignity. By teaching and modeling, we develop young generation who are capable and accountable for creating their own bright futures.

  • Creativity

    In the design and delivery of our programs & services!

  • Efficiency

    In using the best of our resources!

  • Education

    To support our students and staff for educational perfection!

  • Teamwork

    In working together to ensure success!


We are working for you
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Jigar Pansiniya

Jigar Pansiniya is the founder of Infinity Education. He imparts knowledge and education through “Infinity Education” as he believes that being active with students is one of the best way to get them to follow right directions and stay on task.
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Kavita Pansiniya

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Student's Voice
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